About Me


Hey Love,

Thank you for being curious. My name is Gwendolyne Marie but all my friends and family call me “Gwen.”

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and mom to a beautiful 5-year boy whom I treasure with all my heart. He’s a big part of my “WHY” to making life changes.  I have been married once but divorced now for almost two years. For the first time in my life I live in my own apartment (a Co-Op to be exact) which resides in White Plains, NY and single for the very first time; in a very long time. I have been working for an Electronic Security Company full-time for 13+ years, but look forward to leaving the corporate world one day soon.

My goal is to build confidence, become a good writer, thinker, live a more intentional life and inspire others through my journey and blog. I want to help people navigate life’s transitional moments: e.g. divorce/breakups, new jobs and life ah-ha moments. I want to bring insecurities “out of the closet” and acknowledge we all have them. It’s OK to have them and that we can use them to grow. Central to my efforts is self-esteem. I want to find my voice and inspire others to find theirs also. The key to all this is changing old beliefs into new ones and rise strong from the stories we create in our minds.

On this blog, here are a few things to look forward to with me.

  • Lots of learning and personal growth for sure.
  • Telling “FEAR” to get the “F” out of my way.
  • Living a lifestyle, I love and enjoy.
  • Paying it forward to society by sharing my unique gifts.


Ethnic background is Chinese, Ecuadorian & Puerto Rican//Born in Bronx,NY. Raised in Yonkers,NY//My mom named me after a Julio Igelsias song he wrote about his first girlfriend//My sign is “Taurus” & yes I believe in the astrology signs//No siblings from my mom’s side; Four siblings from my father’s side//My mom used to call me “Goofy Gwen” because I’d acted silly//My sister calls me “Butterfly” because I’m always exploring//I was in a beauty pageant when I was younger and won most photogenic//I was once in a commercial ad on TV for Alexander’s which was an American department store many years ago//I wanted to be a model when I was younger and went to Barbizon Beauty School//I went to cosmetology school and got licensed//My favorite shows are: Super Soul Sunday, HGTV Fixer Upper, “Days of Our Live” (yes, I know I can’t believe I’ve been suckered into this too), This Is Us, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, Mom (sitcom)//I love action, romance, comedy and cheesy dance movies//I Love PINTEREST//I LOVE a good party where I can have a few drinks and shake my booty scooty (like my son does)!

With Love,