I Don’t Know How To Do This but…

As I sat in my living watching an episode of “Super Soul Sunday”, Oprah speaks with author Paul Williams and Co-author Tracy Jackson, I found comfort in hearing these words from their book Gratitude & Trust...

“I don’t know how to do this but something inside me does”

Most days I feel I’m all over the place wondering where? what? or when? will I run right smack into what I’m meant to do the rest of my life. But I can’t and it won’t because it’s a process. And it takes time.

Truth is I don’t know how to do “THIS”:








However, I know I don’t want to play small. I want to be “GREAT” and I will continue to keep striving each day till I am. I know something inside me does!



Hair. Beauty. & Beyond!

It’s all you butterfly, run with the bulls!


My hair is my everyday accessory.

My beauty lies in both my inner soul & outer body.

Beyond is the trust of my journey!

I’ve been the average kind of person who thinks “Life Happens To Me.” Every day that I don’t put an effort keeps me believing in that quote.  Every step, progress and every effort I give each day can change my belief into “I Make Life Happen.”

I’ve been stuck in caterpillar mode for a long time. It is time to take this slow walk into a leap, fly in the same direction & run with bulls!

Thank you for your support always!